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ED Air Conditioning and Heating is your go-to pool heater repair and pool heater installation specialist! Yes, Florida is already warm, but heating your pool doesn’t mean turning it into a hot tub. A pool heater can help you keep your pool at a temperature that gets rid of that initial chill from the water. We offer heating systems that are made for the size of your pool and focus on energy efficiency.

We’ve seen tons of homeowners try to install a pool heater themselves, but oftentimes it can go south quickly. It’s important to hire a licensed professional to properly install your pool heater. The electrical wiring and propane and gas lines can be dangerous if you don’t have experience installing a pool heater. Our technicians at ED Air Conditioning and Heating are expertly trained in installing all types of heaters for your pool.


Are you experiencing problems with your pool heater? You deserve a quick response repair service! Call ED Air conditioning and Heating, and we’ll figure out and resolve both warranty and non-warranty pool heater issues in a timely manner. We’ve worked with all makes, models, styles, and ages of pool heaters, for chlorinated and salt water systems.. At ED Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing total satisfaction to our customers throughout Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Delray Beach, FL.


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AC Repair

We know how crucial it is for your AC to be working to its maximum potential in Delray Beach, Florida. As you know, Florida gets hot, so when your AC breaks it can leave you in an uncomfortable situation. Our AC Repair technicians are ready to assist in getting your unit back up and running so you and your family can be comfortable in your home again!

AC Maintenance and Installation

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit will allow you to get the most out of your ac and heating systems. For air systems that heat and cool, we recommend that maintenance is performed in spring and fall. Maintenance also ensures that your indoor air quality never drops especially if your family has issues with asthma, allergies or other air related issues.

Pool Heater FAQ

What size pool heater do I need?

For rectangular pools 14 X 28 feet or less you can use 80,000 BTUs. If you use a solar cover, you can go up to 18 X 36 feet with the same pool heating systems. For over 18 X 36 feet you need to go with at least 100,000 BTUs. For round pools less than 22 feet, you can use 80,000 BTUs. If you use a solar cover, you can use the same size pool heaters up to 30 feet around. For round pools wider than 30 feet, a heater with at least 100,000 BTUs is recommended.

How do I get pool heater service?

This should always be done by a trained pool heater technician. For years, Ed Air Conditioning has been providing the best pool heater repair service in Delray Beach, FL. Get in touch with us today to get service on your pool heater.

What pool heating option is available?

Generally, there are three types of swimming pool heaters. You can make a decision based on your specific needs. There are:

  • Solar swimming pool heaters; solar panels are used,
  • Gas swimming pool heaters; propane or natural gas is used.
  • Electric resistance swimming pool heaters; electrical wiring is used.
  • Heat pumps; common and low operating cost that gas swimming pool heaters

How can I prevent heat loss from my pool?

Use a pool cover or solar blanket on your pool when it’s not in use.
Did you know evaporation accounts for 70% of heat loss from your pool?

How can I save on my heating costs?

The first thing you can do is invest in a pool cover and cover the pool whenever it’s not in use! The second thing is to install an energy efficient pool heater. Consult with one of our pool heater technicians today to discuss what your best options are for pool heating.

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